Taylor Swift - December 13th 1989 - The Day of Exacting Craft

They reach for the stars, but they keep both feet solidly on the ground

  • Traits of this day: 

Positive: Attentive, Thoughtful, Perceptive

Negative: Disturbing, Irritating, Fussy

  • Traits of this week:

Positive: Big-hearted, Self-assured, Aspiring

Negative: Secretly Insecure, Self Unaware, Fussy

Those born on December 13 not only have a feeling for the big line but also the details. Painstaking in their work, they craft what they have slowly, carefully, precisely—without losing sight of their long-range goals. Thus they are able to combine the qualities of expansion and limitation in their personalities, enhancing greatly their chances of success. However, they do run the danger of getting stuck in an overly minute examination of the matter at hand, becoming overcautious or fearful, perhaps getting bogged down or even giving up altogether due to discouragement. Thus their expansive ambitions can be a kind of burden if it appears hopeless that they will reach distant and lofty goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Fortunately, December 13 people are usually in it for the long haul. Though they may experience discouragement, even depression for relatively short periods, they recognize that nothing which is really of value can be accomplished overnight. In fact they are usually highly suspicious of supposed shortcuts, acceleration plans, get-rich schemes and the like. Yet although despising superficiality, they can have trouble breaking through to the more profound in themselves. At times caught in a web of personal professional entanglements, they may lack the breathing space needed to dig deeper and find meaning in their lives.

December 13 people are psychologists of a kind, fascinated by the underlying motivations of their family members, friends and colleagues. They often display a fine sense of irony regarding the human condition (their own faults and foibles included) and can see through personality facades and defense mechanisms of all kinds. 

Disclaimer: This is from the book, “The Secret Language of Birthdays” but you can also find out more about Taylor’s birthday/week/year and also about yourself at the website they have set up: http://www.thesecretlanguage.com/




Hey taylorswift!

On the off chance you ever read this I just wanted to say thank you so much for being awesome! I remember I fell in love with your music as soon as i heard it. I was at a 12th birthday party and someone put on a so fresh cd and thats when I heard love story for the first time and I picked up the cd cover straight away to find out who the singer was. Its been over 5 years since then and I haven’t looked back! I planning on going to your next concert, unfortunately I haven’t been able to yet, but I will I PROMISE. My friend went your one for speak now one and said it was AMAZING (which was to be expected) and how nice it was that you went on the flying balcony thingy to see as many fans as possible. I wish you all the best and lots and lots of happiness!! Love you!!!!